RioLand Human resource policy

Getting Rioland to be a good workplace and ideally for employees is one of the top targets that the company is aiming for over the years. That is why we focus on building a work environment where every member has the best conditions and opportunity to work together and contribute to the development of Rioland and each individual. From the leadership of the company to the whole staff committed to building Rioland become one of the best workplace.

The compensation policy in Rioland is in line with the high standards of the market, with professional advice, competitive in every respect, including: wages, short and / or long-term bonuses, Additional allowances for salaries.

The company always carries on and develops the best welfare system for its employees, such as the extended health insurance scheme for employees and their families, the policy of encouraging the children to work for their employees, buying the company's products at favorable prices. treat ...

Based on the development orientation of Rioland, the company always attaches importance to and develops the human training system with diversified courses for various levels to cultivate the employees with necessary qualities and skills; It not only aims to complete the work but also equips employees with international integration.

Employee development training programs are designed to maximize potential and career orientation, tailored to each individual. Fairness, transparency in the work of team development creates synergy, efficiency in work, consolidates and develops integration capabilities as well as the ability to work in a dynamic international environment for the team. employees, leaders of the company.


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